Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bunnies: A Primer

Bunnies is a drinking game enjoyed by adult beverage-drinking adults nationwide*. While some find the game quite simple, others find it far too complicated. Who is correct? Read the rules below and make your own informed decision:
  1. Take seats around a table or in a circle on the ground. Choose someone to be the first "bunny". My friends and I have a random, complicated way of determining who it should be, but you can just point at someone and say, "Dude, you're the bunny."
  2. If you're the "bunny", you hold your hands up with your thumbs touching the sides of your head. Y'know, like a bunny rabbit. ("Jazz fingers" are encouraged but not required.)
  3. The players to either side of the "bunny" have complementary bunny ears, which means they should have one "bunny ear" up on whichever side is closest to the "bunny".
  4. The object of the game is to keep track of where the "bunny" is and have one or both hands up accordingly.
  5. The "bunny" passes in one of three ways: (a) a direct pass, (b) a drop pass or (c) a Bradford pass.
  6. To make a direct pass, let your hands leave the sides of your head and point at another person in the group. The person you pointed at is now the "bunny" and should raise his/her hands to his/her head, and the people to either side should have complementary bunnies. The original "bunnies" drop their hands. (Important note: The pointee can reject the bunny by quickly making an "X" with his/her forearms. If this happens, the person with the "bunny" must either try again or pass to someone else. Also, you can fake a direct pass by pointing at someone without letting your thumbs leave the side of your head.)
  7. You perform a drop pass by simply dropping a hand to your side, turning yourself into a complementary bunny and effectively passing the bunny to the person on the side with the hand that's still up.
  8. The Bradford pass - my favorite - involves dropping one hand and touching the thumb of your other hand to your nose. The bunny then passes to the person two people away depending on which direction your palm is facing. For instance, if you're touching your right thumb to your nose, the person two people to your left now has the bunny.
  9. That's basically it. If you screw up in any way, you drink.
  10. Oh, I almost forgot! You can't say "drink". Or "beer". And you can't swear. This may sound silly, but trust me when I say this rule truly makes the game a classic. It's hilarious watching someone swear and then swear because they swore and on and on.
So what do you think? Too complicated? Or easy-peasy? Either way, I think it's loads of fun.
If you're still a little hazy on what the game looks like, check out this link. You'll see a couple extra rules (e.g. Mr. Nose, the shark), which you're welcome to try, but my friends and I skip them.
*Except in Utah where the mere mention of bunnies in a drinking-related context has been a prosecutable offense since 1963.

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