Tuesday, June 22, 2010

... And They're Super-hungry, Dude.

My brother Brent just got home with food for our dinner and - more importantly - a first-hand account of the most coolest thing ever:

Right now two hitch-hikers are standing at the top of the on-ramp near our house.

They’re both holding cardboard signs.

The first sign says: “I-40 West”

The second one says: “Zombies are chasing us”

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  1. Holy panda! Nick and I picked up a wayward chick who was lost in our neighborhood. We figured we were doing our civic superhero duty (I said "duty"), and she was in the back seat for about seven seconds before she started telling us how she was running from her lover who was a killer and a rapist, how a bunch of dudes gang raped her, etc. Then we heard the sound of her unzipping her backpack. I flipped out on the inside and grabbed a wine key as my source of protection. We dropped her off and found a cop and sent him her way. It was like multivalent superherocy.