Thursday, July 16, 2009

Retro-Blog-o-Rama* - Monday, Nov. 3, 2003

*"Retro-Blog-o-Rama" consists entirely of my old MySpace blog entries along with short analysis provided by the current version of myself. Enjoy!


In my head I'm the whore of Babylon
If I acted on every impulse I had, it would be a sight to see lemme tell you. Shelby had her sweet 22nd B-day last night and damned if I didn't have an awesome time. Even though I had to humor some random trucker (who, don't get me wrong, was a nice guy), I loved every minute of the evening. Adam and I have solidly bonded now (and I gotta admit, I find him quite cute despite the eight-year age difference); Wes and I have finally been in a social situation together (I thought that would never happen--what a sweetheart!!); I drove Graham home and tucked him in (yet another example of the neat little history that, out of our group, only we have); and here I am, at work, at 3 am, getting over the alcohol, but still loving life. I love you guys! And if I don't say it when I'm sober, just slap me a couple times and I'll fess up. Night, night, chowheads!


"Chowheads"?! WTF? And what's with the cryptic title and first line? AND what's with me sounding like a 16-year-old girl?? I'm just ... really embarrassed for me of six years ago.

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